New Reagents

At Kerafast, we are continually adding new reagents to our portfolio of difficult-to-access bioresearch materials. Our latest products are listed below.

Hemochromatosis (HFE) Antibody

Raised against C-terminal 16 amino acids of and specific for human hemochromatosis protein (HFE) protein

Transferrin Receptor 2 Antibody

Specific for the C-terminal region of Human Transferin Receptor 2 (TfR2); For WB, IP, and IHC applications

Sendai Virus (SeV) Antibodies

Antibodies specific for either the fusion (F) protein or the hemagglutination (HN) protein of Sendai Virus

Rhodopsin Antibodies

Specific for human rhodopsin N- or C-terminal regions; Suitable for WB, IP, and IHC applications

Canarypox Virus [CNPV-5A11] Antibody

Raised against sucrose-gradient purified canarypox virus (CNPV) KP1 and recognizes CNPV or pigeonpox virus

Flavivirus E Protein Antibody

Recognizes Dengue virus, West Nile Virus, Japanese Encephalitis and Zika virus

PTP-S-Dimedone Antibody

Specific for dimedone-modified protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) cysteine sulfenic acid

Carbonic Anhydrase Antibodies


Recognize human or mouse carbonic anhydrases I, II, 4, 5a, 5b, 12 or 14; Tested for WB, IP, and IHC applications

Wnt Pathway Plasmids

Various plasmids for mammalian expression of Gpr177 and SENP2

NO2-Alkyne Sulfenic Acid Probe

Selectively and irreversibly reacts with sulfenic acid to give a stable thioether adduct (t1/2 = 5 days in 5 mM DTT)

AMIGO2 [30G9.1G2] Antibody

Specific for human Amphoterin-induced protein 2 (AMIGO2); Suitable for ELISA, FACS, and IHC applications

HuD/ELAVL4 Neoantigens

Detects presence of tumor antibodies aiding in the identification of tumors and responses to immunotherapy

HBV Expression Plasmids

Can be used to express the HBV polymerase or epsilon protein in mammalian cells

IP3R Expressing HEK-293 Cell Lines

Cell lines expressing knockout of all three IP3R isotypes, a single IP3R subtype, or combinations of subtypes

Human CMV gB [5A6] Antibody

Specific for human Cytomegalovirus glycoprotein B (gB); Suitable for FC, IP, Ad169 Neutralization, and IF applications

DMT1 Expressing HEK293 Cell Line

Expresses mouse divalent metal transporter-1 (DMT1); Ideal for screening potential iron transport inhibitors

Adult Muscle Progenitor Cell Lines

Immortalized Drosophila adult muscle progenitor-like cells that can be differentiated in vitro upon ecdysone treatment

α-2-Macroglobulin [5C11] Antibody

Reacts with bovine and goat alpha 2-macroglobulin; Suitable for WB and IP applications

Bcl-xL Expressing/KO Cell Lines

Mouse embryonic fibroblast cell lines expressing wild-type or null for human B-cell lymphoma-extra-large (Bcl-xL)

PKC Delta [10F11B] Antibody

Reacts with human, mouse and rat protein kinase C delta type (PRKCD, PKC δ)