Lynda F. Bonewald, PhD, University of Missouri - Kansas City

Lynda F. Bonewald, PhD
Lynda F. Bonewald, PhD

Dr. Bonewald's research has focused on osteocyte biology since and has develeoped recently, a cell line that replicates late osteoblast to late osteocytes, IDG-SW3 (JBMR 2011). Osteocytes are the most abundant bone cell in the adult skeleton. In the last decade, it has been determined that these cells are multifunctional including 1). Acting as orchestrators to regulate bone remodeling through direct actions on both osteoblasts and osteoclasts, 2). As endocrine cells regulating distant organs such as kidney and muscle, 3). As mechanosensory cells determining bone response to loading and unloading, 4). As regulators of the mineralization process, and 5). Regulators of mineral homeostasis. At present she is studying osteoblast to osteocyte differentiation, the functions of the osteocyte during lactation, and the crosstalk between osteocytes and muscle.

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