Yubin Zhou, MD, PhD, Texas A&M University

Yubin Zhou, MD, PhD
Yubin Zhou, MD, PhD

Dr. Zhou’s Lab is exploring the frontiers of calcium signaling, optogenetics, immunoengineering and molecular therapy research by combining biophysics, immunology, chemical biology, drug screening, computational biology and mouse genetics. The team is focused on elucidating the role of calcium channels and DNA modifications in health and diseases and designing better treatment and prevention strategies for cardiovascular disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer. Ongoing research activities include: i) discovering novel ion channels that govern intracellular calcium homeostasis and T cell activities; ii) devising innovative optical actuators for remote control of cell signaling, (epi)genome editing and immunomodulation; and iii) designing better treatment and prevention strategies for immunoinflammatory diseases and tumors.




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