Amira Klip, PhD, Hospital For Sick Children

Amira Klip, PhD
Amira Klip, PhD

Dr. Klip's laboratory has been studying the regulation of glucose uptake by insulin and muscle contraction, using an array of rat and mouse stable muscle cell lines that they have generated. These cells are platforms to study the intracellular traffic of vesicles containing GLUT4 glucose transporters (10,12,15,16,18). Current work focuses on how a series of signal transduction pathways activated by insulin or contraction-related stimuli impinge on intracellular stores of GLUT4 to make GLUT4 vesicles move to and fuse with the plasma membrane or to internalize from the cell surface (2,10,12). This requires participation of the IRS proteins, PI-3-kinase (15), Rac1 (5), Akt (17), AMPK (2,12,14), CaMKII (2), novel PKCs (2,13,14), Rab-GAP proteins (13,14), Rab GTPases (9), myosin motors (3,7), the actin cytoskeleton (3,7,13) and SNARES (4) for faithful congregation of signals that regulate GLUT4 vesicle traffic. How muscle cells are affected by inflammatory and insulin resistance-inducing environments are other aspects of their studies (1,6,8,11).



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