Slide-In Plant Chamber

The slide-in-plant chamber is a small device compatible for use with microscopes (stereo, brightfield, confocal) for visualizing events occurring around or inside the roots of plants in real time over short (hours) or long (days, weeks) time frames without sacrificing the plant. 


  • Allows for imaging of root systems of various plants seeded in soil or plant growth medium
  • Permits repeated imaging of the same area of the roots without disturbing the plant
  • Includes a portal to allow inoculations or additions, and/or sampling around the roots

From the laboratory of Gladys Alexandre, PhD, University of Tennessee

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Slide-In Plant Chamber
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Dimensions: 6cm long, 3 cm wide with a 0.6cm depth
Product Type: Kit
Material: Plastic (e.g. ABS)
Tested Applications: In situ, real-time root development and microscopy used for: plant culture, microbiology cultures, fungi, bacteria, plant-microbe associations and rhizosphere activities
Sterility: No sterilization needed, but possible
Number of wells: 1
Working Volume per Well: 3-10 mL
Storage: Room temperature
Shipped: Ambient temperature

From the laboratory of Gladys Alexandre, PhD, University of Tennessee

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