Retinal Muller Cell Line rMC-1

rMC-1 immortalized cells constitutively express GFAP (glial fibrillary acidic protein) and CRALBP (cellular retinaldehyde-binding protein) which are present in Müller cells.


  • Constitutively express GFAP and CRALBP
  • Immortalized by transfecting primary Müller cell cultures from adult rat retinas with a viral oncogene
  • Express both induced and basal markers found in primary Müller cell cultures
  • Highly useful for preclinical studies in diabetic retinopathy
  • Cell line validation performed - See: Pfeffer BA, et al. Exp Eye Res. 2016 Feb 12;145:297-316.

Müller cells are the most abundant type of glial cells found in the vertebrate retina, and perform diverse functions that support the activity of retinal neurons. This immortalized cell line facilitates gene expression studies in Müller cells and improves the understanding of Müller cell-neuron interactions.

From the laboratory of Vijay Sarthy, PhD, Northwestern University.

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Retinal Muller Cell Line rMC-1
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Product Type: Cell Line
Name: rMC-1
Cell Type: Retinal Müller (glial) cell
Accession ID: CVCL_8140
Source: Retina
Organism: Rat
Morphology: Flat
Biosafety Level: BSL1
Subculturing: Harvest cells with 0.05% trypsin for 5 min and replate
Growth Conditions: DMEM (high glucose, (+) L-Glutamine, (-) Sodium pyruvate) with 10% FBS and 1X pen/strep, with additional L-glutamine (2mM).
Cryopreservation: DMEM with 10% DMSO and 10%FBS
Storage: Liquid nitrogen
Shipped: Dry ice


Morphology and immunocytochemical characterization of Müller cells.

(a) Primary culture of Müller cells. (b) Muller cell line, rMC-1. (c) Primary Müller cell culture stained with GFAP antibody. (d) rMC-1 reacted with GFAP antibody.

Adapted from: Sarthy, V. et al. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 39: 212-216.

From the laboratory of Vijay Sarthy, PhD, Northwestern University.
The rMC-1 cell line authenticity has been independently validated. For authentication data, see: Pfeffer, B.A., et al. (2016) Exp Eye Res. 145: 297-316.​ View Article
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