Subhash C. Verma PhD, University of Nevada, Reno

Subhash C. Verma PhD
Subhash C. Verma PhD

The Verma laboratory is interested in understanding the mechanism of KSHV genome replication during reactivation as well as during de-novo infection of human cells. The major research interests are defining the genetic and epigenetic factors involved in regulating viral DNA replication during latent as well as lytic phases of the viral life cycles. They use a novel, Single Molecule Analysis of the Replication DNA (SMARD), approach to localize the replication initiation (ori) and termination sites on the viral genome. We are using next generation sequencing (RNA-seq and ChIP-seq) to delineate the changes in chromatin structure required for replication initiation. Additionally, they are using various other biochemical and recombinant approaches to establish the role of viral genes in replication and persistence of the viral genome.



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