Marc-Jan Gubbels, PhD, Boston College

Marc-Jan Gubbels, PhD
Marc-Jan Gubbels, PhD

Pathogenesis caused by Toxoplasma gondii coincides with going through the lytic cycle, either in a primary infection, or as the result of a relapsing chronic infection. This stage is characterized by repeated host-cell invasion, establishment of the parasitophorous vacuole, and replication within the host cell. As such parasite proliferation can potentially be inhibited by intervention at each of these steps. The goal of the Gubbels lab is to enhance the knowledge about the specific biology of parasite invasion as well as its replication. These processes are at the core of parasitic behavior and are interesting from a biological perspective as well. Both problems are being approached with the power of genetics. The advantage of this approach is the un-biased identification of genes involved in these processes.

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