Anti-Toxoplasma gondii Centrin-1 Antibody

This rabbit polyclonal antibody was generated against full length Toxoplasma gondii Centrin-1 and recognizes for T. gondii Centrin-1.


  • Recognizes T. gondii Centrin-1
  • Recommended for Immunofluorescence applications

Centrins, also known as caltractins, are a family of calcium-binding phosphoproteins found in the centrosome. Toxoplasma Centrin-1 localizes to the centrosome of both interphase and mitotic cells in the asexual replication cycle, reflecting the dynamic behavior of the centrosome during the cell cycle. Based on its sequence features shared with centrin studied in other systems, TgCentrin-1 is classified as a centriolar centrin.

From the laboratory of Marc-Jan Gubbels, PhD, Boston College.

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Anti-Toxoplasma gondii Centrin-1 Antibody
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Product Type: Antibody
Antigen: Toxoplasma gondiiCentrin-1 (Caltractin)
Accession ID: Q12798, XP_002367090.1
Molecular Weight: 19.3 kDa
Isotype: Unknown
Clonality: Polyclonal
Reactivity: Toxoplasma
Immunogen: 6x-His tagged recombinant Toxoplasma gondiiCentrin-1
Species Immunized: Rabbit
Purification Method: Affinity purified against the recombinant protein cross-linked to cyanogen bromide Sepharose 4B
Buffer: PBS with 1% BSA and 0.02% Na-azide
Tested Applications: IF (1,1000)
Storage: -20C
Shipped: Cold packs

From the laboratory of Marc-Jan Gubbels, PhD, Boston College.
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