Chi-chung Hui, PhD, Hospital For Sick Children

Chi-chung Hui, PhD
Chi-chung Hui, PhD

Dr. Hui's laboratory is interested in iroquois homeodomain transcription factors. In humans and mice, there are six Iroquois homeobox (Irx) genes, which encode highly conserved TALE-class homeodomain containing transcription factors. Mutations in the human Irx4 and Irx5 genes have been found in congenital malformations with defects in heart and craniofacial development. My laboratory is using the mouse as a model to investigate the function of these Irx genes in embryonic development and adult physiology. Our genetic analysis revealed that the Irx genes possess unique as well as overlapping functions in both embryonic patterning and terminal differentiation. Ongoing studies are directed to decipher the molecular actions of these transcription factors in heart and limb development.

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