Subramaniam (Sri) Srikumaran, PhD, Washington State University

Subramaniam (Sri) Srikumaran, PhD
Subramaniam Srikumaran, PhD

Dr. Srikumaran's lab is focused on diseases of wild sheep in general, and pneumonia in particular. The current focus is on understanding the pathogenesis of pneumonia caused by Mannheimia and Pasteurella species. Leukotoxin is the most important virulence factor of these organisms, and is cytolytic to all subsets of leukocytes. Research in my laboratory during the past few years has identified CD18, the Ã? subunit of Ã?2-integrins, as the receptor for leukotoxin on the leukocytes of bighorn sheep, domestic sheep, and cattle. More recent studies have mapped the leukotoxin binding site on the CD18 molecule.

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