Jian-Ping Jin, Ph.D., Wayne State University

Jian-Ping Jin, Ph.D.
Jian-Ping Jin, Ph.D.

The Jin lab is interested in the regulation and structure-function relationships of contractile and cytoskeleton proteins. Muscle (cardiac, skeletal and smooth) contraction and non-muscle cell motility play vital roles in physiological activities and pathological conditions. Our research is focused on actin thin filament-associated regulatory proteins: troponin and calponin, to study their regulation and structure-function relationships. Molecular biology and genetic approaches are used to investigate protein isoform evolution and expression as well as to provide engineered protein constructs for functional characterization. Biochemical, biophysical and immunochemical methods are used in studying protein structure and function. Cell culture systems and transgenic/gene knock-out/knock-in mouse models are developed for integrative functional characterizations at cellular, organ and whole animal levels.

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