Lyophilized Ready-to-Use and Load PCR Master Mix

Amplify DNA templates with minimal effort and maximum ease.

This high sensitivity, ready-to-use and load PCR mix is available in a lyophilized form for room temperature storage and transportation. Each tube of premix contains all of the reagents needed for high yield PCR including DNA polymerase. Simply reconstitute the mix by adding PCR-grade water along with your primers and template. PCR products generated using this mix can be directly loaded to gels for electrophoresis analysis.


  • Taq DNA polymerase based
  • Contains reaction polymerase, buffer, dNTPs, and red electrophoresis tracking dye
  • Room temperature shipping and storage

From the laboratory of Jian-Ping Jin, MD, PhD, Wayne State University.

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Lyophilized Ready to Use & Load PCR Master Mix

DNA Amplification

  1. Add 450 uL of PCR quality water to the tube containing dried mix for 25 reactions of 20 uL each.
  2. Completely dissolve the powder by gently and briefly vortex, touch spin the tube before open the tube.
  3. Aliquot the needed volume of Ready to Use & Load PCR Mix into a 0.5 mL tube, 18.5 uL per PCR reaction (e.g., 5 reactions = 92.5 uL).
  4. Add 5 pmol of each PCR primer (e.g., 0.5 uL of a 10 pmol/uL stock) (e.g., 5 reactions = 2.5 uL each primer).
  5. Briefly vortex to mix primers and the Ready to Use & Load PCR Mix, touch spin the tube before open the tube.
  6. Aliquot the solution into PCR tubes (19 uL each).
  7. Add 1 uL of the DNA sample.
  8. Mix the reaction by briefly vortex the PCR tubes in the rack.
  9. Touch spin the PCR tubes, run cycling program in a thermocycler (the reaction volume is 20 uL).
After DNA Amplification
  1. Load 3-10 uL of each reaction directly to an agarose gel containing DNA staining dye (eg. casted in TBE buffer containing 0.5 ug/mL (gel) ethidium bromide or other DNA staining dye).
  2. Stop the gel run when the red tracking dye has reached an appropriate location on the gel for your sample (see photo below).
  3. The gel can be directly viewed and photographed on a UV table or other light source or a fluorescence scanner according to the DNA dye used.
  4. Any remaining Ready to Use & Load PCR Mix can be kept on ice for use the same day or freeze at -20 °C for a later use. Repeated freeze-thaw may decrease activity.
From the laboratory of Jian-Ping Jin, MD, PhD, Wayne State University.

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