UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide

The UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide allows the tagging of alkyne modified substrates via copper-catalyzed click chemistry.


  • Biotin conjugate can be subsequently visualized by streptavidin Western techniques and/or enriched using streptavidin purification methods
  • Captured target can be released under mild photolysis conditions (365 nm) and results in a significant decrease of background signal due to non-specifically bound proteins
  • Also available: 13C6-UV-Biotin-azide

From the laboratory of Ned A. Porter, PhD and Keri A. Tallman, PhD, Vanderbilt University.

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UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide
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Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide
Chemical Formula: C38H51N7O9S
Source: Synthetic
Molecular Weight: 781.92
Format: Solid
Solubility: DMSO, MeOH
Photolysis: λ=365nm
Storage: -20C
Shipped: Ambient temperature

Cellular Click Chemistry Diagram
From the laboratory of Ned A. Porter, PhD and Keri A. Tallman, PhD, Vanderbilt University.
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