Discovery and Development of Extremophiles Enzymes Service

At Swissaustral we have the know-how and technology to work with enzymes from extremophiles. Our scientific team consists of highly trained biochemists, enzymologists, and chemists with expertise in extreme bio-compounds. Our comprehensive scientific understanding of the biochemistry of extremophiles has allowed us to create new techniques to cope with extremophiles physiology, which are key for the development of novel enzymes from extremophilic microorganisms.

In order to produce enzymes in a cost-effective manner we apply molecular biology techniques to clone and express extremophilic enzymes in suitable hosts. After the enzymes have been developed at a bench level, our highly trained team of engineers optimizes and scales up the growth of the native or recombinant microorganisms for final production of High-performance Enzymes(TM). Their high proficiency allows us to maximize productivity in a cost-effective manner by modifying different growth parameters. Also, improved culture media are designed to reduce future production costs. The results obtained in the optimization studies are then used in the scaling-up process.

Through our “extreme” development, the naturally occurring enhanced enzymes that we discover are prepared, adapted and carried to the market ready for their application in research and industry. As a result we develop extremophilic High-performance Enzymes(TM) of biotechnological interest.

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Discovery and Development of Extremophiles Enzymes Service
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