Versatool Kit for Cryosectioning

The Versatool is a multi-functional pathology instrument for frozen tissue sectioning (cryosectioning) that replaces endless non-specialized props currently used to cut frozen sections.


  • Large, ergonomic handle reduces fatigue in the fingers. Handle contours improve grip and allow for better movement control during sectioning.
  • A blunt knife is integrated into the handle, allowing for easy trimming of excess embedding medium to better prepare sample for sectioning.
  • Tips do not have metal elements, which can lead to negative side effects caused by temperature changes and static electricity.

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Versatool Kit for Cryosectioning
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Versatool Kit includes:

  • Double-pointed handle with integrated knife
  • Fine firm natural bristle tip
  • Fine medium synthetic filament tip
  • Large flat tip, ideal for cleanup
  • Benchtop tip holder

Versatool Diagram

A dual tip design along with the integrated knife reduces the need for tool changes during a sampling. Specialized interchangelable tips attach magnetically to both ends of the handle. A wide variety of tips are available, including a variety of fine brushes, a large clean-up brush, and a flexible tip for specialized applications.

Video Demonstration

Versatool Frozen Sectioning Tutorial


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