2,5 dibromohexanediamide (DBHDA)

Alkylating agent that mildly converts cysteine to dehydroalanine (Dha) residues.


  • Using a "tag-and-modify" approach, Dha can be used as a "handle" for further modifications
  • Various nucleophiles (e.g., thiols, thiophosphate, etc.) can react with Dha to afford a wide range of chemical modifications

From the laboratory of Benjamin G. Davis, PhD, University of Oxford.

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2,5 dibromohexanediamide (DBHDA)
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Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: 2,5 Dibromohexanediamide (DBHDA)
Chemical Formula: C6H10Br2N2O2
Molecular Weight: 299.91 kDa
Format: Off white solid
Purity: > 95% by 1HNMR Purity Information
Solubility: Soluble in DMSO and DMF, slightly soluble in methanol and H2O
Storage: Stable at room temperature. Store at -20C for long term storage
Shipped: Ambient temperature


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Protocol Notes

  1. Typically 200 equivalents of DBHDA are added to a protein solution in buffer.
  2. Shake at 37C for 1-4 hours.
  3. Desalting provides a pure chemically modified protein.
From the laboratory of Benjamin G. Davis, PhD, University of Oxford.
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