Button Tether for Rat Infusions

These button tethers can be surgically implanted into the backs of rats to provide an exit point for indwelling catheters (e.g. jugular). These buttons are ideal for short- and long-term infusion studies.


  • The bottom of the implant has no large lumen. Therefore, once the button is sutured in place, there is no open space inside the button. This dramatically reduces the chance of infection in long-term survival experiments.
  • The stem of the implant can be protected by metal springs. This allows rats to be group housed after surgery. This not only avoids social isolation stress and promotes faster recovery, but also vastly reduces the cost of housing animals.
  • Compared to harnesses, buttons require a bit more work in surgery; however, there are no belly bands that require adjustment and with proper tissue ingrowth, buttons can be a good option for long-term studies.

From the laboratory of Hao Chen, PhD, University of Tennessee.

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Button Tether for Rat Infusions
1.2 mm lumen, 10/pk In stock
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Product Type: Kit
Material: Polylactic acid (PLA)
Tested Applications: Single channel rat infusions
Spring: Compatible with most types (e.g. Lee spring, Part no. LE 014B 13 M)
Button Weight: 0.67 g
Experiment duration (recommended): 1-15 days (longer time can be achieved)
Lumin Diameter: 1.2 mm
Button Diameter: 16 mm
Autoclavable: No. Can be chemically sterilized
Storage: Store at room temperature
Shipped: Ambient temperature

From the laboratory of Hao Chen, PhD, University of Tennessee.

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