Autophagy Reporter H4 Cell Line (GFP-LC3/H4)

Human H4 neuroblastoma cell line expressing GFP-LC3 autophagy reporter.

LC3 is a mammalian homologue of yeast Atg8 (Aut7/Apg8) and serves as a marker protein for autophagosomes. The GFP-LC3/H4 cell line expresses GFP fused to LC3, allowing for measurement of autophagy. Monitoring of autophagy activity relies on microscopy visualization of fluorescent puncta, progressive degradation of the GFP. The number of fluorescent punctate structures per cell and the percentages of GFP positive cells can be used to assess autophagic flux.

From the laboratory of Junying Yuan, PhD, Harvard University.

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Autophagy Reporter H4 Cell Line (GFP-LC3/H4)
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Product Type: Cell Line
Name: GFP-LC3/H4
Cell Type: Human H4 Neuroblastoma GFP-LC3
Morphology: Epithelial
Organism: Human
Source: Brain
Biosafety Level: 2
Growth Conditions: DMEM, 10%FBS
Cryopreservation: DMEM, 10% FBS, 8% DMSO
Storage: LN
Shipped: Dry Ice

From the laboratory of Junying Yuan, PhD, Harvard University.
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