Ad CMV Cre

Ad Cre expresses Cre under control of a CMV promoter.

Ready-made control adenoviruses (Ad) are generally in stock and can ship anytime. These particles are CsCl purified and supplied in 100 uL aliquots at 1X10^12 pts/mL. These preps are RCA free and PFU titered.

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Ad CMV Cre
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Product Type: Virus
Name: Ad CMV Cre
Biosafety Level: BSL-2
Vector Information: Recombinant adenovirus
Target Gene / Reporter(s): Cre
Promoter: CMV
Virus: Adenovirus
Titer: 1X10^12 pts/mL, CsCl purified, RCA free and PFU titred
Storage: Store at -80C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.Virus is supplied at 1X10^12 particles/mL. We recommend thawing the virus at room temperature. For aliquoting, 0.5 mL screw cap vials are recommended. Other tubes do not seal tight enough and eventually the solution desiccates at -80 and the virus looses infectivity. We do not recommend diluting the virus and refreezing unless you use the cryo-protective buffer in the original formulation. Do not store or thaw the virus on ice, -20 C or 4 C.
Shipped: Frozen on Dry ice


Ad CMV Cre #17187

Cells should be infected when ~ 80% confluent and the normal growth media replaced with media containing only 2% serum. Media can be supplemented or replaced with normal growth media after 4 hrs if required. Wait at least 48 hrs prior to analysis by IHC, WB, ELISA etc.

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