B6/129 Macrophage Cell Line

Macrophage cell line isolated from bone marrow in B6/129 mice after immortalization with a retrovirus (J2) containing the myc and v-raf oncogenes.

B6/129 mouse line is a cross between C57BL/6 females (B6) and 129P3 males (129P). Potential uses for these mice include hybrid vigor, as a background for deleterious mutations, to create or enhance expression of polygenic diseases, to determine the mode of inheritance, to provide physiological buffering (present a broader array of responses to various stresses) and as approximate controls for some genetically engineered strains.

From the laboratory of Howard A. Young, PhD, National Cancer Institute/NIH.

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B6/129 Macrophage Cell Line
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Product Type: Cell Line
Name: B6/129
Cell Type: Macrophage
Morphology: Adherent
Source: Bone Marrow
Organism: Mouse (B6/129)
Biosafety Level: BSL2
Growth Conditions: DMEM + 10% FBS + Glutamine
Cryopreservation: 90% FBS + 10% DMSO
Storage: Liquid Nitrogen
Shipped: Dry Ice

From the laboratory of Howard A. Young, PhD, National Cancer Institute/NIH.
The line is not producing any murine Type C retroviruses as it was derived with a replication defective packaging cell line.
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