IRF3 Expressing HEK293 Cell Line (HEK293-IRF3)

Human embryonic kidney (HEK293) cells that stably express Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 (IRF-3) tagged by a Venus fluorescent protein.

Interferon regulatory factors (IRF) are proteins that regulate transcription of interferons (see regulation of gene expression). IRF3 is a key transcription factor to activate the expression of interferons. IRF3 contains several functional domains including a nuclear export signal, a DNA-binding domain, a C-terminal IRF association domain, and several regulatory phosphorylation sites. IRF3 plays an important role in the innate immunity against viral infection. IRF3 has been shown to interact with IRF7. HEK293-IRF3 was established with a stale expression of IRF3 and used in studies of the interferon induction pathway.

From the laboratory of Yanjin Zhang, PhD, University of Maryland, College Park.

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IRF3 Expressing HEK293 Cell Line (HEK293-IRF3)
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Product Type: Cell Line
Name: HEK293-IRF3, HEK293-VenusC1-IRF-3
Cell Type: Human embryonic kidney cells
Accession ID: Q14653
Morphology: Monolayer cells, Epithelial
Organism: Human
Source: Embryonic kidney
Biosafety Level: BSL 2
Subculturing: Adherent, 1:3 dilution
Growth Conditions: DMEM with 10% FBS, 1x Penicillin-Streptomycin-Glutamine, 1x sodium pyruvate, and plasmocin of 1 ug/ml
Cryopreservation: Complete growth medium supplemented with 10% DMSO
Comments: HEK293 cells stably expressing VenusC1-IRF-3 (HEK293-IRF-3) were established by transfection of the cells with VenusC1-IRF-3 and selection under the antibiotic G418.
Storage: LN2
Shipped: Dry Ice

From the laboratory of Yanjin Zhang, PhD, University of Maryland, College Park.
  1. Nan, Y., Yu, Y., Ma, Z., Khattar, S.K., Fredericksen, B., Zhang, Y.J., 2014. Hepatitis E virus inhibits type I interferon induction by ORF1 products. J. Virol. 88, 11924-11932.

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