Nanodiamond Based DNA Delivery Reagent

Lysine funtionalized nanodiamond based DNA delivery reagent that can deliver genetic materials to mammalian cells and can be exploited for use in gene therapy.


  • Biocompatibile, high loading capacity compared to non-functionalised nanodiamonds, with the ability to cross cellular membranes
  • Biologically safer than current delivery systems such as viral vectors
  • Superior physical and chemical stability

Nanodiamond (NDs) based gene delivery systems offer unique structural, chemical and biological properties that are safer compared to currently available viral andnon-viral gene delivery systems. NDs have been used successfully to deliver chemotherapeutic agents to cancer cells, plasmid DNA and siRNA into cell lines. Despite the use of NDs as vectors for delivering therapeutic agents and genetic material, it is a challenge to obtain nanosized particles in laboratory and industry scale as NDs tend to aggregate into micron-sized aggregates that are toxic to biological systems. The technology overcomes this limitation as the lysine functionalized nanodiamonds are stable in aqueous medium and have smaller hydrodynamic radii compared to the currently available polymer based functionalized nanodiamonds.

From the laboratory of Ildiko Badea, PhD, University of Saskatchewan.

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Nanodiamond Based DNA Delivery Reagent
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Product Type: Small Molecule
Internal Contents: Sp2 Carbon
Functionalization: Lysine
Particle Morphology: Spherical
Format: Lyophilized
Concentration: 2mg/mL
Size Distribution: PDI=0.25
Mean Diameter: 21nm
Nanoparticle Consistency: Solid
Comments: Refractive index = 2.4
Storage: Room Temperature
Shipped: Room Temperature

From the laboratory of Ildiko Badea, PhD, University of Saskatchewan.
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  2. Kaur R, Badea I. Nanodiamonds as novel nanomaterials for biomedical applications: drug delivery and imaging systems. Int J Nanomedicine. 2013;8:203-20.

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