Reversible Fluorescent Fe3+ Sensor (RPE)

RPE is a highly selective, sensitive and reversible off-on fluorescent Fe3+ sensor which can selectively image native Fe3+ in live cells.


  • Allows for viewing of endogenous exchangeable Fe3+ pools at sub-cellular resolution
  • Unique reversible "turn-on" property and high sensitivity
  • Little interference from other biologically relevant metal ions

RPE is a highly sensitive, highly selective and reversible turn-on fluorescent Fe3+ sensor. The sensor readily detects endogenous chelatable Fe3+ in live human SH-SY5Y cells at subcellular resolution in real time. The sensor gives a distinct rapid and reversible fluorescence response upon the alteration of intracellular Fe3+ levels with little interference from other biologically relevant metal ions.

From the laboratory of Maolin Guo, PhD, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

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Reversible Fluorescent Fe3+ Sensor (RPE)
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Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: Methyl 6-(3',6'-bis(diethylamino)-3-oxospiro[isoindoline-1,9'-xanthen]-2-yl)picolinate (RPE)
Chemical Formula: C35H36N4O4
Molecular Weight: 576
Format: Off-white solid
Purity: >95%
Solubility: DMSO, DMF, EtOH, ACN, etc.
Spectral Information: NMR, MS
Platform: Fluorescence microscope
Compatible Cells: Mammalian cells
Detection Method: Fluorescence (excitation: 510-580 nm; emission: 550-700 nm)
Comments: Avoid exposure to light; Suggested amount per experiment: 10 μM (or 0.1 μg)
Storage: -20C to -80C
Shipped: Dry ice

From the laboratory of Maolin Guo, PhD, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
  1. Wei Y, Aydin Z, Zhang Y, Liu Z, Guo M. A turn-on fluorescent sensor for imaging labile Fe(3+) in live neuronal cells at subcellular resolution. Chembiochem. 2012 Jul 23;13(11):1569-73. doi: 10.1002/cbic.201200202. Epub 2012 Jun 26. PubMed PMID: 22736480.

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