Anti-Aquaporin 2 (AQP2) [K5007] Antibody

This rabbit polyclonal antibody was generate against a peptide sequence corresponding to the C-terminal region of Aquaporin 2 (AQP2) and reacts with human, mouse, and rat AQP2.


  • Reacts with human, mouse, and rat AQP2
  • Antibody recognizes both unphosphorylated and phosphorylated forms ofAQP2
  • Peptide sequence (aa 237-255) upstream from polyphosphorylated region
  • Suitable for Western Blot and Immunocytochemistry applications

Aquaporins, also known as water channels, form pores in cell membranes and selectively transport water in and out of the cell. Aquaporins are involved in regulation of water balance and blood pressure, and thirteen different isoforms have been found in mammals. Aquaporin 2 (AQP2) is located in the collecting duct of the kidney, and is regulated by the peptide hormone vasopressin. AQP2 expression is increased in conditions where there is water retention, such as pregnancy and congestive heart failure, and mutations of AQP2 are associated with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus. Also, lithium treatment, often administered for bipolar disorder, can cause acquired diabetes insipidus by decreasing AQP2 expression.

From the laboratory of Mark A. Knepper, MD, PhD, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute/NIH.

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Anti-Aquaporin 2 (AQP2) [K5007] Antibody
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Product Type: Antibody
Antigen: Aquaporin-2
Accession ID: P41181
Molecular Weight: The non-glycosylated band is observed at 29 kDa; the glycosylated band is seen between 35-40 kDa
Clonality: Polyclonal
Clone Name: K5007
Reactivity: Human, mouse, and rat (sequence is identical in human, rat, mouse, cow, and sheep)
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide mapping at the c-terminal tail of rat AQP2. The peptide sequence is N-CLKGLEPDTDWEEREVRRRQ (aa 237-255).
Species Immunized: Rabbit
Buffer: Affinity purified antibody with 50% glycerol
Tested Applications: WB (1:1000-5000), IC (1:100-500)
Storage: -20C
Shipped: Cold Packs


Western Blot

Western blot analysis of extracts from rat kidneys, using AQP2 K5007 Ab (1:50,000; 5 ug per lane). Key: CX=Cortex, OM=Outer Medulla, IMB =Inner Medulla Base, IMP = Inner Medulla Papilla

From the laboratory of Mark A. Knepper, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute/NIH.

  1. Hoffert JD, Fenton RA, Moeller HB, Simons B, Tchapyjnikov D, McDill BW, Yu MJ, Pisitkun T, Chen F, Knepper MA. Vasopressin-stimulated increase in phosphorylation at Ser269 potentiates plasma membrane retention of aquaporin-2. J Biol Chem. 2008 Sep 5;283(36):24617-27. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M803074200. Epub 2008 Jul 7. PubMed PMID: 18606813; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2528999.

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