RealThiol AM Ester (RT-AM) Glutathione (GSH) Probe

RealThiol AM ester (RT-AM) provides ratiometric fluorescent readout for quantification of GSH in live mammalian cells.


  • RT-AM is cell permeable and can generate RT upon intracellular esterase cleaveage
  • Easily quantitate GSH levels in live cells using confocal microscopy/FACS
  • Signals from blue and green channels allow for deduction of GSH concentration, given appropriate calibration curve
  • For calibration curve, see: RealThiol (RT) Glutathione (GSH) Calibration Probe

Subcellular detection and localization of GSH is important in understanding the modulation of redox status, the effect of drugs, and the mechanisms of detoxification. Furthermore, differences in GSH levels in response to oxidative stress in subpopulations of cells have been reported, underscoring the importance of detection methods amenable to flow cytometry and automated fluorescence detection.

From the laboratory of Jin Wang, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine.

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RealThiol AM Ester (RT-AM) Glutathione (GSH) Probe
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Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: RealThiol AM ester (RT-AM)
Chemical Formula: C26H25N3O11
Molecular Weight: 555.16
Format: Red to orange solid
Purity: >97%, HPLC
Tested Applications: 1 µM for cell staining
Solubility: DMSO
Spectral Information: ex/em: RealThiol: 488/565; RealThiol-GSH: 405/488
Platform: Confocal microscopy/FACS
Compatible Cells: Mammalian cells e.g. HeLa, HT1080
Detection Method: Fluorescence
Comments: - RT-AM is cell permeable and can generate RT upon intracellular esterase cleaveage.
- Dilute DMSO stock with imaging buffer.
- A laser-based light source is preferred for best results.
Storage: -80C
Shipped: Ambient Temperature

From the laboratory of Jin Wang, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine.
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