Anti-Cochliobolus Endopolygalacturonase (EPG) [EPG-4, 6C9.E3] Antibody

This mouse IgG1 monolonal antibody was generated against enzyme and recognizes Cochliobolus sativus, Cochliobolus carbonum (and infected plant substrates) Endopolygalacturonase (EPG).


  • Recognizes Cochliobolus sativus, Cochliobolus carbonum (and infected plant substrates) EPG
  • Useful in the study and characterization of a cell wall degrading enzyme (EPG), studies on cell wall degradation, recalcitrance, phytopathogenicity
  • Suitable for Immunofluorescence, Immunogold, Western Blot and ELISA applications

Cell wall-degrading enzymes (CWDEs), produced by plant pathogens during penetration and subsequent infection of hosts are thought to play a significant role in pathogenesis. A wide range of activities are attributed to these enzymes, from enzymatic cleavage of structural host cell wall polysaccharides, in which the integrity of the cell wall barrier to pathogen entry is compromised, to more complex roles within the sphere of host pathogen interactions, such as the release of oligosaccharides that function as “elicitors” of plant defense responses. Although the importance of CWDEs to pathogenesis is widely accepted, evidence for any single enzyme being solely responsible for pathogen virulence in a given host/pathogen system has yet to emerge; rather, it appears that multiple enzymatic activities act in concert or succession to achieve successful pathogenesis. These antibodies were developed for the study of endopolygalacturonase, a CWDE expressed by phytopathogenic fungi (and possibly other plant pathogens) and intimately associated with the mechanism of pathogenicity and contamination.

From the laboratories of Carl W. Bergmann, PhD and Ronald P. Clay, PhD, University of Georgia.

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Anti-Cochliobolus Endopolygalacturonase (EPG) [EPG-4, 6C9.E3] Antibody
5mL 4-6 weeks
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Product Type: Antibody
Antigen: Endopolygalacturonase
Accession ID: P26215
Molecular Weight: 34 kDa
Isotype: IgG1
Clonality: Monoclonal
Clone Name: 6C9.E3
Reactivity: Cochliobolus sativus, Cochliobolus carbonum ( and infected plant substrates)
Immunogen: Enzyme
Species Immunized: Mouse
Buffer: Cell Culture Supernatant
Tested Applications: ELISA, WB, IF, Immunogold
Storage: -80C
Shipped: Cold Packs

From the laboratories of Carl W. Bergmann, PhD and Ronald P. Clay, PhD, University of Georgia
  1. Clay RP, Bergmann CW, Fuller MS. Isolation and Characterization of an Endopolygalacturonase from Cochliobolus sativus and a Cytological Study of Fungal Penetration of Barley. Phytopathology. 1997 Nov;87(11):1148-59.

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