Click-&-Go Dde Protein Enrichment Kit for Azides

Cleavable Click-&-Go protein Enrichment Kit is an efficient, biotin/streptavidin-free tool for capturing azide-tagged biomolecules on a cleavable agarose resin via click reaction and its subsequent release using hydrazine.

Azide-modified proteins, or their post-translationally modified forms, are captured from complex protein extracts on the cleavable alkyne agarose resin supplied. Once covalently attached to the resin via copper catalyzed click chemistry, beads can be washed with high stringency virtually eliminating any non-specifically bound proteins. Treatment with 2% hydrazine yields a highly enriched population of nascent proteins.

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Click-&-Go Dde Protein Enrichment Kit for Azides
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Product Type: Kit
Variant MPN: 1152
Format: Spin column
Components: Dde Alkyne-agarose resein, 50% slurry (Component A) - 2mL
Lysis buffer (Component B) - 7mL
Urea (Component C) - 4.8g
Additive 1 (Component D) - 1.5mL
Copper (II) Sulfate, 100 mM solution (Component E) - 0.5mL
Additive 2 (Component F) - 400mg
Agarose SDS wash buffer (Component G) - 7.7g
Empty spin columns (Component H) - 10
Hydrazine hydrate (Component I) - 0.5mL
Enrichment Target: Azide-modified proteins
Molecular Weight Left Behind: 100.07
Isolation Technology: Biotin-free covalent capture
Storage: 4C
Shipped: Ambient


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