Click Chemistry Capture Kit

The Click Chemistry Capture Kit provides researchers who have proteins labeled with an azide or alkyne, and the corresponding click resin, with the means to covalently capture labeled proteins. The kit contains specially formulated components to both catalyze the click labeling reaction and prevent non-specific binding to alkyne- or azide-modified resin.

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Click Chemistry Capture Kit
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Product Type: Kit
Variant MPN: 1065
Format: Spin column
Components: 7mL Lysis Buffer4.8g Urea0.25g Additive #1 (Reducing agent)0.5mL (100mM) Copper (II) Sulfate2mL (50mM) Additive #2 (Cu-chelating agent)7.7g Agarose wash buffer10 Empty spin columns
Enrichment Target: Alkyne- or azide-tagged proteins
Isolation Technology: Biotin-free covalent capture
Storage: Upon receipt store at 4C
Shipped: Ambient temperature


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