pLU-JARID1B promoter-EGFP Lentiviral Plasmid

The pLU-JARID1B promoter-EGFP lentiviral plasmid drives cytoplasmic EGFP expression controlled by the co-cloned human JARID1B promoter, allowing for the isolation of live JARID1B-positive cells.

JARID1B (KDM5B/PLU-1/RBP2-H1) is a member of the highly conserved family of jumonji/ARID1 (JARID1) histone 3 K4 (H3K4) demethylases which are involved in tissue development, cancer, and normal stem cell biology. In normal adult tissues, JARID1B is marginally expressed with dramatic peak expression levels in regenerative tissues like testis and bone marrow. In cancer, JARID1B functions as a transcriptional regulator of oncogenes via direct interaction with promoter sites. Depending on the cancer context, JARID1B is associated with either positive (melanoma) or negative (breast cancer) cell cycle control.

From the laboratory of Meenhard Herlyn, DVM, DSc, The Wistar Institute.

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pLU-JARID1B promoter-EGFP Lentiviral Plasmid
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Product Type: Plasmid
Gene/insert name: JARID1B promoter
Antibiotic Resistance: Ampicillin
Fusion Tag(s): EGFP (C terminal on backbone)
Grow in E. coli at 37 C: Yes
Selectable markers: Blasticidin
Cloning Site 5': Unknown
Cloning Site 3': EGFP-N
Insert Size: 249 bp
High or low copy: High
Storage: -20C
Shipped: Ambient temperature as Liquid

From the laboratory of Meenhard Herlyn, DVM, DSc, The Wistar Institute.
  1. Roesch A, Fukunaga-Kalabis M, Schmidt EC, Zabierowski SE, Brafford PA, Vultur A, Basu D, Gimotty P, Vogt T, Herlyn M. A temporarily distinct subpopulation of slow-cycling melanoma cells is required for continuous tumor growth. Cell. 2010 May 14;141(4):583-94.

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