Dde Agarose-Alkyne

Dde Agarose Alkyne is a 6% crosslinked agarose resin that is activated with alkyne groups through a cleavable Dde linker. This product is adequate to work in batch or column purifications (Low Pressure).

Once biomolecules are covalently captures to the resin, beads can be washed with highest stringency virtually eliminating any non-specifically bound proteins. Treatment with 2% hydrazine yields a highly enriched population of proteins.

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Dde Agarose-Alkyne
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Product Type: Small Molecule
Variant MPN: 1140-2
Format: Off-white slurry (50%)
Enrichment Target: Azide-modified proteins
Molecular Weight Left Behind: 55.07
Activation Level: 10-20 umol alkyne groups per mL resin
Bead Size: Spherical, 50-150um
Support: 6% Cross-linked agarose
Preservative: 20% ethanol
Storage: Upon receipt store at 2-8C
Shipped: Ambient temperature


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