Michael T. Heneka, MD, University of Bonn

Michael T. Heneka, PhD
Michael T. Heneka, MD

Dr. Heneka's laboratory research is focused on improved preventive, disease modifying, and acute therapy for patients suffering from neurodegenerative disease. Their mission is clinical, translational and experimental studies to improve our understanding of patients needs, therapeutic interventions and pathogenesis.



  1. Heneka MT, Kummer MP, Stutz A, Delekate A, Schwartz S, Vieira-Saecker A, Griep A, Axt D, Remus A, Tzeng T-C, Gelpi E, Halle A, Korte M, Latz E, Golenbock DT (2013) NLRP3 is activated in Alzheimer's disease and contributes to pathology in APP/PSI mice. Nature 493:674-678.