Blaine A. Pfeifer, PhD, University at Buffalo

Blaine A. Pfeifer, PhD
Blaine A. Pfeifer, PhD

The Pfeifer group focuses on a diverse set of scientific and technical goals possessing high impact potential. Generally encompassing the field of biological engineering, the technical platform for the applications within the Pfeifer group is cellular and process engineering. At the cellular level, we utilize molecular engineering to reprogram microbial metabolism. The tools utilized to do so span molecular biology and microbiology, which then serve to enable the reactions or functions supporting various research goals. At the process level, classical unit operation scaling and development techniques include bioreactor design and media/parameter optimization through design of experiments.



  1. Pfeifer BA, Admiraal SJ, Gramajo H, Cane DE, Khosla C. Biosynthesis of complex polyketides in a metabolically engineered strain of E. coli. Science. 2001; 291(5509):1790-2.