Justin M. Chalker, PhD, Flinders University

Justin M. Chalker, PhD
Justin M. Chalker, PhD

The Chalker Laboratory is focused on three main areas: (1) Organic Chemistry - Their efforts in organic chemistry are focused on designing efficient and environmentally benign strategies for preparing valuable molecules. New tactics and catalysts feature prominently in this research. They are also interested in exploring alternative feedstocks for chemical synthesis., (2) Chemical Biology - The biology of post-translational modifications motivates their studies in this area. They are interested in developing chemical probes that can detect specific post-translational modifications in complex biological media. They are also interested in developing new technologies for the synthesis of diagnostic and therapeutic proteins., and (3) Material Science - The Chalker research team is dedicated to developing new methods for the sustainable synthesis of polymers and other functional materials. Metal scavenging polymers, flame resistant composites, and bio-degradable wound dressing are a few materials developed in their laboratory.



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