Melissa J. Caimano, PhD, University of Connecticut

Melissa J. Caimano, PhD
Melissa J. Caimano, PhD

Dr. Caimano's work has focused primarily on the regulatory pathways and molecular mechanisms underlying mammalian host adaptation and maintenance of Borrelia burgdorferi within its natural enzootic cycle. Most notably, these studies have led to the discovery that the alternate sigma factor RpoS plays a critical role in the down-regulation, as well as up-regulation, of borrelial genes specifically in response to mammalian host signals.



  1. Caimano, M.J., Eggers, C.H., Gonzalez, C.A., and Radolf, J.D. (2005) Alternate sigma factor RpoS is required for the in vivo-specific repression of Borrelia burgdorferi plasmid lp54-borne ospA and lp6.6 genes. J Bacteriol 187: 7845â??7852.