Paul Dent, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University

Paul Dent, PhD
Paul Dent, PhD

The laboratory of Dr. Paul Dent is dedicated to developmental cancer therapeutics. Studies have focused on the underlying molecular mechanisms by which our drug combinations synergize to kill tumor cells including modulation of apoptosis, autophagy, colony formation and changes in multiple cell signaling pathways. Specific projects have focused on breast; brain; and liver/pancreatic cancers. Their studies in breast cancer have resulted in a Phase I trial combining pemetrexed and sorafenib which will shortly move into Phase II evaluation. Their studies in brain cancer have resulted in two Phase I trials with a third trial using the novel cytokine MDA-7/IL-24 in the late stages of planning. Their studies in liver and pancreatic cancers have resulted in one trial combining sorafenib and HDAC inhibitors, with another trial in the late stages of planning. Other studies in solid tumors and in colon cancer are approaching clinical translation.



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