Maricarmen García, PhD, University of Georgia

 Maricarmen García, PhD
Maricarmen García, PhD

The main aspects of research in Dr. Garcia's laboratory are to improve the diagnosis and control of Infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) and avian influenza. In particular, they are interested in identifying ILTV proteins involved in viral pathogenicity, spread, and persistence with the objective of design marker vaccines and to develop better epidemiological tools to trace viruses in the field. In addition to ILTV, they have been active in avian influenza research in the development of new serological assays that allow to monitor and detect influenza infected flocks in the presence of vaccination. Another aspect that they are studying, related to the control of avian influenza and ILTV, is to determine the survivability of these two viruses in poultry litter and in the poultry house environment.â??



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