Aaron Weinberg, DMD, PhD and Santosh K. Ghosh, PhD, Case Western Reserve University

Aaron Weinberg, DMD, PhD
Aaron Weinberg, DMD, PhD
Santosh Ghosh, PhD
Santosh K. Ghosh, PhD

Dr. Weinberg's research focuses on innate immune responses of mucosal epithelium to bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Throughout his research career, Dr. Weinberg has combined his clinical background with cutting-edge molecular and cellular biological approaches to research oral diseases. His laboratory was instrumental in discovering host defense peptides in human oral mucosae that are both antimicrobial and immunoregulatory. Termed human beta defensins (hBDs), these epithelial cell-derived innate response elements were shown by him to have anti-HIV activity. In addition, Dr. Weinberg's laboratory is screening oral commensal bacteria that selectively induce the expression of the hBDs and other antimicrobial peptides in human epithelium to protect from microbial insult. Dr. Weinberg believes that novel AMP inducing factors could one day be used in prophylactic strategies to protect vulnerable mucosal body sites. Moreover, hBDs and/or their derivatives could potentially be sources for both novel anti-infectives and immune adjuvants.

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