Peter Kijun Kim, PhD, Hospital For Sick Children

Peter Kijun Kim, PhD
Peter Kijun Kim, PhD

Dr. Kim's laboratory focuses on the mechanisms involved in maintaining the metabolic organelles, peroxisomes and mitochondria and how dysregulation of these mechanisms contributes to various diseases ranging from neurodegenerative disorders to cancer. Presently, he and his team are focusing on the mechanisms of peroxisome formation and degradation in the mammalian cell. Peroxisomes can be formed from two distinct mechanisms: de novo from the endoplasmic reticulum and by growth and division of pre-existing peroxisomes. How these two mechanisms are regulated is not known. The object of their studies is to determine the molecular and structural events involved in these two processes. With this knowledge, they will be able to understand the regulatory events that govern peroxisomes numbers.

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