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Genomics, Analytics and Proteomics Core (GAPC), University of New England

The University of New England (UNE) Genomics, Analytics and Proteomics core (GAPC) is devoted to providing academic and private researchers with stateof-the-art scientific training and technical support in modern genomics, analytics and proteomics, including a commitment to developing and implementing cutting-edge methodologies and instrumentation. The services provided at this core facility aim to improve research opportunities and capabilities in biomedical, environmental, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other life sciences.

The Investigator's Annexe Part of The Investigator's Annexe program.

Genomics Services

The genomics facility has all the necessary expertise and equipment for the isolation, characterization, genotyping, and cloning of DNA/cDNA(mRNA).

Analytics Services

The analytics facility offers a variety of mass spectrometric-based services ranging from pharmaceutics studies and drug monitoring to enviornmental and inorganic studies.

Proteomics Services

The proteomics facility offeres a number of proteomics studies shuch as tissue culture services, screening, assay development, and cell banking.


These workshops consist of lectures and laboratories designed to introduce current theory and practice of molecular genetics and mass spectrometry.