Geula Gibori, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Geula Gibori
Guela Gibori, Ph.D.

Dr. Gibori laboratory research is aimed at defining the action and interaction of cytokines and estradiol on key ovarian and decidual genes whose expression is essential for the normal progress of pregnancy. Members of her laboratory have cloned several genes that play an essential role in the production of progesterone and estradiol. They are investigating their transcriptional regulation and are generating mice null in these genes. They have established that 17beta HSD, an enzyme involved in estradiol and cholesterol biosynthesis, is essential for brain development during pregnancy. They have also discovered, using knockout and knock-in mice, that PRL signaling through the short form of the PRL receptor (PRLRS) has a severe impact on ovarian follicular development and leads to premature ovarian failure and infertility. The cause of this pathology and the signaling mechanism of prolactin through PRLRS are under investigation. Another aspect of Dr. Gibori research activity is focused in defining the interaction and function of decidua-derived proteins in the normal development of the decidual tissue and the survival of fetuses.

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