Ian G. Macara, PhD, University of Virginia*

Ian G. Macara, PhD
Ian G. Macara, PhD

Dr. Ian G. Macara's research group works on cell polarization mechanisms in epithelia; epithelial morphogenesis in mammary glands, and breast cancer; polarity proteins as tumor suppressors; RNA localization; and N-terminal methylation of proteins.

One series of proteints that are of interest to Dr. Macara's group are Septins. Septins belong to a family of GTP-binding proteins that exisist in hetero-oligomers that are sometimes found associated with actin or microtubule filaments. Septins are thought to be involved in cellular functions during cytokinesis and may assist in vesicle transport for the secretory pathway. Spetin-6 is widely expressed in tissues and is foundin the cytoplasm and in the spindle during metaphase.

*Now affiliated with Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

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