Yu Leo Lei, DDS, PhD, University of Michigan

Yu Leo Lei, DDS, PhD
Yu Leo Lei, DDS, PhD

Research in Dr. Lei's laboratory is dedicated to helping patients with high-risk oral leukoplakia and oral cancer. The team is a member of the Cancer Moonshot℠ Immuno-Oncology Translational Network (IOTN) and pioneers in identifying novel Pattern Recognition Receptor (PRR) regulators. PPRs constitute the first line of defense against “non-self” antigens, which are encountered during microbial infections and cancer development. With the characterization of new PRR families, such as Toll-like receptors (TLRs), NOD-like receptors (NLRs), RIG-I-like receptors (RLRs), and cGAS-STING-mediated cytoplasmic DNA-sensing molecules, novel regulatory mechanisms of PRR signaling are rapidly emerging as main cancer immune escape mechanisms. Dr. Lei's laboratory has developed a unique collection of toolkits in the following areas: Mechanisms of Regulating Cancer Immune Escape, Immunogenomics Approaches to Identify Cold Cancer, and Immune Engineering Strategies to Sensitize Cold Cancer to Immune Checkpoint Blockade.




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