Cre-RFP (UBC) Lentivirus

This premade lentivirus expresses Cre and RFP proteins under the control of UBC promoter.

Cre Recombinase is a tyrosine recombinase enzyme derived from the P1 Bacteriophage. The enzyme uses a topoisomerase I like mechanism to carry out site specific recombination events. The enzyme (38kDa) is a member of the Integrase family of site specific recombinase and it is known to catalyse the site specific recombination event between two DNA recognition sites (loxP sites).

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Cre-RFP (UBC) Lentivirus, 2x25ul
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Cre-RFP (UBC) Lentivirus, 8x25ul
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Product Type: Virus
Product MPN: PLV-10097-50
Biosafety Level: BSL-2
Vector Information: Vector includes both 5? and 3? lentiviral LTR and all necessary elements for effective transduction; woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element (WPRE)
Target Gene / Reporter(s): Cre-RFP
Promoter: UBC
Selection Gene: Puromycin
Titer: 1 x 10^8TU/mL
Storage: Store at -80C. Multiple freeze/thaw cycles not recommended.
Shipped: Dry ice


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