KAZU DNA Extraction Buffer

The KAZU DNA Extraction Buffer allows for the rapid extraction of genomic DNA from plant leaves for the downstream amplification of targets of interest by PCR.


  • Quick - 10 minutes per prep
  • Great for many applications: PCR, qPCR, inverse PCR
  • Ideal for high throughput (plate-based) applications
  • Nontoxic and stable - Does not contain phenol or chloroform, and can be used to store samples long term

DNA extraction is typically performed using buffers such as a CTAB or PVP, or kits that often contain toxic ingredients such as phenol and chloroform, require a long time commitment (over 3 hours), and require the use of many tubes and kits. Non-phenol and non-chloroform Column-based DNA extraction kits are available for rapid extraction (less than 1 hour) but these kits are expensive. The KAZU DNA Extraction Buffer offers a non toxic solution that takes only 10 minutes per reaction, and is compatible with high throughput methods.

From the laboratory of Thomas P. Brutnell, PhD, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

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Product Type: Buffer or Chemical
Format: Non-column based
Components: KAZU DNA Extraction Buffer
Elution Volume: 100 uL per sample
Sample Type: Plant leaf and seed (animal tissue likely, but not tested)
Technology: High efficiency and quick ethanol precipitation
Time per prep: 10 min
Yield: 500 ng
Tested Applications: DNA extraction from tissues for downstream PCR, qPCR, inverse PCR
Amount: 1/4" hole punch
Storage: Room temperature
Shipped: Ambient temperature


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From the laboratory of Thomas P. Brutnell, PhD, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.
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