Hyperphosphorylated Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau (MAPT)

This recombinant full-length microtubule-associated protein tau (MAPT), isoform 1N4R, was expressed recombinantly in E. coli and is presented in a hyperphosphorylated form, ideal for a wide range of biochemical and biophysical studies of tangle formation as it relates to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other tauopathies.


  • Highly pure (>95%) - excellent for crystallographic and other biophysical studies
  • Hyperphosphorylated - study tau oligomerization and the formation of neurofibrillary tangles (NFT)
  • Significantly higher rates of oligomerization, compared to non hyperphosphorylated forms

Microtubule-associated protein tau (MAPT, Tau) is a neuronal microtubule binding protein that modulates the stability of axonal microtubules. Hyperphosphorylation of the tau protein (tau inclusions, pTau) can result in the self-assembly of tangles of paired helical filaments and straight filaments, which are involved in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other tauopathies. The density of these tangles correlates well with cognition impairment and neurodegeneration.

From the laboratory of Min-Hao Kuo, PhD, Michigan State University.

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Product Type: Protein
Name: Hyperphosphorylated Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau 1N4R (MAPT)
Accession ID: P10636
Source: Human protein expressed in E.Coli Rosetta (DE3)
Molecular Weight: 42,970 Da
Fusion Tag(s): None
Purity: >95% as determined by SDS-PAGE
Buffer: 20 mM Tris-HCl, pH8.0, 100 mM NaCl, 20% glycerol
Comments: Hyperphosphorylated by GSK-3beta kinase
Storage: -80C
Shipped: Dry ice


Comparison of unphosphorylated and quantitatively phosphorylated (p-Tau). p-Tau exhibits faster in vitro oligomerization than does the unphosphorylated counterpart.

From the laboratory of Min-Hao Kuo, PhD, Michigan State University.
  1. Sui D, Liu M, Kuo MH. In vitro aggregation assays using hyperphosphorylated tau protein. J Vis Exp. 2015 Jan 2;(95):e51537. doi: 10.3791/51537.

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