TCO-NHS ester

Trans-Cyclooctene (TCO)-NHS ester is an amine-reactive building block used to derivatize primary amine-containing molecules with a TCO moiety.


  • Biocompatible – click reaction occurs efficiently under mild buffer conditions; requires no accessory reagents such as a copper catalyst or reducing agents (e.g. DTT)
  • Primary amine reactivity – modify amine-containing molecules with TCO moiety for use in advanced crosslinking experiments
  • Unprecedented kinetics – inverse-electron demand Diels-Alder chemistry is the fastest bioorthogonal ligation available, delivering conjugates within 30 min at 1 mg/mL concentrations
  • Highly stable – TCO functional group remains stable in aqueous buffered media (weeks at 4C, pH 7.5)

TCO-NHS ester reacts specifically and efficiently with a primary amine (e.g., side chain of lysine residues or aminosilane-coated surfaces) at pH 7-9 to form a covalent bond. Short spacer arm adds minimal mass to modified molecules (153.2 daltons).

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Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: Trans-Cyclooctene (TCO)-NHS Ester
Chemical Formula: C13H17NO5
Molecular Weight: 267.28
Variant MPN: 1016
Purity: >90% H NMR
Solubility: DCM, Chloroform, DMSO, DMF
Storage: -20C.Desiccate
Shipped: Frozen - Dry Ice


Applications: Protein-protein conjugation, protein-antibody conjugation, protein-small molecule conjugation, 18F radiolabeling, protein-oligonucleotide conjugation, surface modification

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