Cy3 - Azide

Azide-activated fluorescent dyes for chemoselective labeling and detection of alkyne-tagged molecules, which enables use of fluorescence imaging in metabolic labeling strategies.


  • Chemoselective – azide and alkyne groups do not react or interfere with other functional groups found in biological samples but conjugate to one another with high efficiency
  • Solubility – reagent easily dissolve in water-miscible solvents for subsequent dilution into aqueous reaction mixtures

Azide-activated fluorescent dyes are well suited for detection of metabolically or enzymatically alkyne-labeled biopolymers. The azide group (N3) reacts with terminal alkynes to produce a stable triazole, also referred to as the Cu(I)‐catalyzed free click reaction. This reaction possesses extreme selectivity and biocompatibility, such that the complimentary reagents can form covalent bonds within richly functionalized biological systems, in some cases, living organisms.

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Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: Cy3 - Azide
Chemical Formula: C35H46N6O10S3(protonated)
Molecular Weight: 806.97
Extinction Coefficient: 151000 cm-1M-1
Variant MPN: AZ119
Format: Red solid
Solubility: Water, DMSO, DMF, MeOH
Spectral Information: Abs/Em = 553/566 nm
Storage: -20C. Desiccate
Shipped: Ambient


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