Betulin is a non-bioactive precursor of betulinic acid and is found in the bark of the Betula alba (white birch) tree.

Scientists have studied betulin in mice, and they found that the ingredient that is abundant in birch bark lowered cholesterol and improved insulin sensitivity. They also found the mice became more resistant to plaque buildup in the arteries that can lead to heart attack.

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Product Type: Small Molecule
Chemical Formula: C30H50O2
CAS number: 473-98-3
Molecular Weight: 442.7
Format: White to off-white crystalline solid
Purity: >95 % determined by HPLC
Solubility: Poorly soluble; soluble in DMSO (50mM)
Stability: Solids stored at 5C should be stable up to 1 year. Stock solutions stored at -20C should be discarded after 1 month unless retesting confirms product quality.
Storage: 5C
Shipped: Ambient temperature


Betulin HPLC Chromatogram.

Purification Notes: Betulin is manufactured utilizing the patented SuperFluids™ CXP technology and then purified using chromatography techniques.

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