A carboxyl-reactive building block.


  • Chemoselective – azide and alkyne groups do not react or interfere with other functional groups found in biological samples, but conjugate to one another with high efficiency
  • Solubility – reagent easily dissolves in water-miscible solvents for subsequent dilution into aqueous reaction mixtures
  • Very short spacer – a 3-carbon atom spacer arm keeps azido group close to tagged molecules

Azido-Propylamine is a simple azido-containing reagent with a terminal primary amine (–NH2) that can be reacted with carbonyl groups in the presence of activators (e.g. EDC, or DCC) or with activated esters (e.g. NHS esters) forming a stable amide bond. A short spacer arm adds minimal mass to modified molecules (100.1 daltons).

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Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: Azido-Propylamine (3-Azido-1-propanamine)
Chemical Formula: C3H8N4
CAS number: 88192-19-2
Molecular Weight: 100.12
Variant MPN: AZ115
Format: Slightly yellow liquid
Purity: >95% by GC/MS
Storage: Upon receipt store at -20C
Shipped: Ambient temperature


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